Popcorn Ceiling Removal Ottawa

Popcorn ceiling removal made easy

Improve the design and aesthetics of your home

Popcorn ceilings have fallen out of style and become obsolete in new homes and modern design. Homeowners and buyers don't find them aesthetically appealing as they give the home an outdated and old appearance.

At Premier Stucco Design, we have completed many textured ceiling removal projects over the years and can help you achieve a smooth, modern-looking ceiling.

Each project is approached with professionalism, careful planning, and acute attention to detail.

We manage all aspects of popcorn ceiling removal from start to finish. This begins with initial consultation, where we listen to your goals and needs. Once we've removed it, we offer to apply a fresh painting to give your ceiling a new, fresh look. Throughout the project, we maintain communication and keep you updated on the progress and timeline.

If you're looking to give your ceiling a new look, we have the experience to complete popcorn ceiling removal efficiently and on time.

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